Kate B.

  • Edward French Accounting

Clovis, CA

If you're looking for a tax and accounting professional who is honest, knowledgeable, experienced and a genuine pleasure to work with, Ed is your man.  I highly recommend Ed French's bookkeeping, payroll and income tax services.  

My husband and I had moved from Southern CA where we had worked for several years with an exceptional CPA who had a masters in taxation and decades of experience in business and personal income taxes, as well as wealth planning, so my standards of what made a quality professional in this area were high.     After moving to Clovis we decided to look for a local tax & accounting professional because we prefer to do business in person and to have a local professional to consult with as needed throughout the year.

My first phone call with Ed was 45 minutes.  He was very personable, helpful, insightful and even though his schedule was already getting fully booked heading into tax season, he was more than accommodating to fit us into his schedule and help us out as new clients.  We needed help with our personal income taxes as well as some bookkeeping help and advice on a new business venture I started in 2020.  

I have found Ed to be knowledgeable when it comes to tax issues and topics, to be proactive in his approach and thorough in his work.  He also has a genuine enthusiasm in helping entrepreneurs and in small businesses in general.  

After getting to know him more over a few months I have found Ed to be a genuinely good guy who is honest and really cares about helping his clients.  He knows his business and you can tell he loves what he does.  He's continuously learning and improving, which to me is the mark of a professional who is dedicated to his/her craft because in life and business, you never stop learning or improving.  I'm grateful to have found Ed.